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Hours of wholesome, imaginative play for your
toddlers and young children.

Children are naturally imaginative about creating a play space. They love building forts and tree houses and setting up teepees and tents. Our children’s teepees are an inexpensive and safe way to create a special space for your son or daughter to play.

Toddlers and preschoolers can enhance their play experience with their own creativity. Your children might use their own imagination to pretend they’re American Indian warriors on the Great Plains or brave explorers of uncharted terrain.

Our children's teepees are easy to set up.

You can set up our children’s teepees in 15 minutes or less. The teepees don’t have to be disassembled when your children are done playing and easily fold up for quick storage.

Childrens Play Indian Teepees from TipiWorld

Child playing in a TipiWorld teepee

TipiWorld teepees features and dimensions

Our children’s teepees stand 4½ feet tall and are perfect for children of all ages. Each teepee comes with a 6 foot-wide pentagonal floor covering and five poles, rather than four, to maximize the usable space. Each teepee has a front entrance and a rear window. Our high-quality teepees provide a safe play space both indoors and outdoors.

Sturdy canvas for indoor and outdoor fun.

Easy to assemble, these 100% canvas fabric teepees can be set up indoors or outdoors and can withstand sun and rain. They are easy to clean and can last for years!

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Our children’s teepees are great for Christmas gifts or birthday presents. Groups of these teepees can create an entire creative play landscape at daycare centers, schools, and at Cub Scout or Girl Scouts troop gatherings.

Rollover the images below to view the fabric designs up close.

Cheyenne Play Indian Teepee for Kids
Cheyenne Teepee
Wolf Paw play teepee for young children
Wolf Paw Teepee
Adorable Big Bear pattern play teepee for toddlers
Big Bear Teepee
Lakota Indian Play TeePees for your children
Lakota Teepee
Comanche Indian Play Teepee for your young child
Comanche Teepee
American Spirit Play TeePees for indoor / outdoor fun!
American Spirit Teepee
Indian Princess Play TeePee with coloful painted horses
Indian Princess Teepee
Kids teepee: rainbow stripes
Rainbow Stripes


History of teepees

Teepees were the movable homes of the nomadic American Indian tribes of the Great Plains, like the Lakota Sioux, Cheyenne, Kiowa and Comanche. The tribes followed great herds of buffalo on horseback and migrated with the weather. Most of the tribes used teepees as temporary, movable homes as they traveled.

The English word “teepee” comes from two Lakota Sioux words: “tee” meaning “to dwell,” and “pee” meaning “place.” Teepee is also spelled “tipi” or “tepee.”


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